National Teams: Directions for logging in and taking the required scoring and referee training modules for credit.  Download 

 Quick Version
1. Go to the Pioneer Region website at and click "existing members" in the middle of the page, or go directly to this link.
2. Click on the membership tab at the top and log in under existing member.
3. Click on the Regions Clinics tab on the left, then choose "Region Ref/Score Clinic" from drop-down menu.  Select "Kentucky" from the State menu (in the middle of the page) and click "search."
4. Click on all three "Register Now" tabs for the three Louisville clinics listed and complete registration for all. (There are no fees for any.)
5. Click on the USAV Academy tab at the bottom left and all the clinics should now be loaded there and you can complete them at your own pace by logging onto the USAV Academy tab anytime you want to work on them. There you will see all the modules for each registered item.

Regional Teams: You can go directly to the following link and click on the modules to view the material without registering for credit:
(If you want to take them for credit or you want to be able to complete them at your own pace and log in and out follow the National Team instructions)

Required Referee and Scoring Training