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Regional Teams

We will achieve success by building each player's confidence, teaching basic volleyball skills, and building on the concepts of respect and accountability to team and self. We will provide quality instruction at an affordable price with local and limited regional travel.  Tournament schedule  will be with Regional level of competition. Regional teams will not participate in any qualifiers or national championships.

Team Structure 

11 and under teams – tryout sessions to be held in October with team placement chosen by the Club Director based on skill level, athleticism, and attitude.  All players will be offered the highest level of play as first criteria and subsequent placement in descending order, unless a lower level is specified at tryout registration.

Other Guidelines – If players request to play on a team together, in rare occasions accommodations may be made at the discretion of the Club director and not at the expense of other players ; however, if that accommodation is able to be made, the team selection will be to the lowest level of play of said players. 

Regional Season Information and Teams

Age Group      Play Level   Practice     Tournaments      Season Length   
8U-11U           Regional      2x/wk         4  (2 Overnight)   Jan-May          

Fees: $1,000*

*Team Fees may vary on age group and tournaments, please see player contract for final fees. $200 Deposit with payment option of 50%, 25%, 25%.

Additional Expenses:

All players are require to attend jump training once per week. $25/mo. not included in team fees.
Shorts Required (Warm-ups optional)
Travel, Room, and board not included, all players must stay at the same hotel.

Regional Teams - Information,  Fees,  and Tournaments (Updated 10/12)