Feb. 5th - KYLIE HOWARD!

1st year Viper. Recognized by multiple coaches fo encouraging her teammates and always cheeringthem on, positive attitude, hard work, and hustle.

Feb. 13th - 17th  -  Kara Wicklund!

16 Elite Cobras - 2nd Year Viper!

Feb. 5th - 12th  -  JOELLYN KETRON!

18 Regonal Elite

Feb. 24/25th - Denis Foltz!

16 Elite Cobras - 2nd Year Viper!

Jan. 30th - Feb. 5th  - BONNIE WALTON!

1st year Viper. Her coach says she never complains, puts extra hours, is not afraid to ask questions, takes charge, is confident and motivated.

Feb. 11th/12 - KAYLA HAM!

13 Elite Cobras, 2nd Year Viper!

Feb. 18th - Abby McKinley!

14 Elite Cobras


Mar. 4th/5th - Anna Meade!

12 Elite Cobras - 1st Year Viper!

Feb. 20th - 24th  -  Megan Braun!

13 Elite Cobras - 1st Year Viper!


Feb. 27th - Mar. 3rd  -  Sammi Samler!

15 Elite Cobras - 1st Year Viper!